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May 1954 - ABRP1

This site is not an "official" site (or an "unofficial" site for that matter) of the Royal Canadian Navy, CAF (Navy) or DND.  It is simply an attempt to contact old shipmates and possibly meet some new friends. Nor is it intended to be a historical naval record but simply my reflections of some of the best years of my life.
The name of this site, "My Royal Canadian Navy" may be a bit of a misnomer now. In January 2000 I put it on-line as a couple of pages in an attempt to locate some of my old wingers. With the submissions, requests and suggestions from many visitors, it has grown from it's humble beginning and more aptly should be titled
"Our Royal Canadian Navy".


4 April 2008.. Len Goodman has submitted a photo of the 1965 or 1966 prep School course at HMCS Naden. May be viewed on Naden page.

4 April 2008.. Bill McDonald has submitted a photo of  HMCS Shearwater's "Nuf" circa 1952. May be viewed on Mascot's page.


About me

My name is Thomas Ross Spowart and I live in Welland, Ontario. In 1952 at the age of 17, I and two of my boyhood friends (Bruce and Ron) enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy.  About 6 months later another of our "wingers" (Dave) followed in our footsteps.  We were born on the same street ( I really mean born on the same street.. the doctor made "house calls" then) and altho I moved a couple of miles away at the age of eight , we kept in contact. We even spent a number of years in the sea cadets together.   While in the navy we lost track of each other but I did meet Bruce and Ron in 1957/58 after we left the navy and then, like so much flotsam and jetsam we once again drifted our separate ways.

In 1999 I was reunited with Bruce (after 41 years) and Dave shortly after. They live many miles from Welland now but I located Bruce through an internet search and he led me to Dave.  We reminisced about the "good old" days and our navy escapades, and it made me think about the close friendships I had made in the Navy.  Joe Caine, "Pally" Jones, Ray East, George Ashley, Arch Esplin and Harrison and Laporte and so many others.  I have been doing some searching on the internet to find them with some success, and maybe, if there are other wingers out there in cyberspace there is a possibility they may stop by here.

The links on the left of the page will lead you through a tour of my 5 years  as a "Sailor for the Queen", with a little info about my 5 years in the RCAF.  The biography page tells what ships I served in and when. Who knows, our paths may have crossed. Throughout the site there are photos of ships, people, places and events. New additions are added frequently from visitors..

I was discharged as a Leading Seaman, Radar Plot 2.

Browsing this site. As it is constantly being changed and added to, the simplest method is to use the links at the left to go to a topic then us the "back" button within the topic.

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Canadian Tribal Destroyer Association
CTDA Crest While the Sioux was home for a great part of my navy time, my draft to the Athabaskan (Second) qualified me for membership in the Canadian Tribal Destroyer Association.

Note:  The above Sioux and CTDA links Jerry Proc's websites.

RCAF Crest

After being discharged from the RCN, I joined the RCAF for 5 years, from 1958 -1963 attaining the rank of Corporal, Air Force Police.   The photo was taken at RCAF Station Lac St Denis, a Pinetree Line early warning radar site, north of Montreal, Quebec.  I'm also looking for old air force friends.  Steffler.. are you out there?
I have added a page with a little rundown on my 5 years in the RCAF (Sept 58 - Sept 63) A link "My RCAF" is on the left.

Guard house Lac St Denis

Band I believe the greatest influence in my decision to join the Navy was the four years  (1948/52) that I was a member of RCSCC Bellerophon. The Cadet summer camp at HMCS Cornwallis in 1951 likely was the clincher. One of my most enjoyable times in Sea Cadets was playing the drum in the band.  Over the years, recruitment fell in the Sea Cadets and the band was all but abandoned by the late 1970's.  Then, in 1993 for RCSCC Bellerophon's 75th Anniversary Reunion, the old time cadets re-formed the band as the Bellerophon Drum and Bugle Band and performed at the Sea Cadet inspection. The band presently participates in approximately fifteen parades each year in Southern Ontario and Western New York state in the US.

So here I am more than 50 years later reliving my past as "The Little Drummer Boy".  Now that is going full circle  ;-).  

(link at left "Band")

Family looking for OSEM  John (Jack) Wesley Awde
Click on photo for further information

Richard Bruce Henderson,  (the friend I mentioned in the intro) has submitted a photo that may be of interest to many.  A 1956 St Laurent crew photo with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.  Richard (Bruce) would be interested in hearing from anyone in the photo.

St			  Laurent & Queen

Click Image for enlargement

The photo albums of Petty Officer Robert Fletcher
Jerry Hind has come into possession of the above photo albums covering PO Fletcher's service in the RCN, mainly aboard HMCS Daulphin K157, a WWII corvette. Many of the crew have been identified through these photos and Mr Hind is attempting to identify the remainder. As I receive the photos I will be placing them on the new 'Daulphin" web page along with a listing of names of those already identified.
The "Dauphin" page is dedicated to all the ships and crews of the Corvette Navy.

(link at left "Dauphin")


Tug Glendyne

Mark Carroll is seeking information about his grandfather, Kennie McLay (auxillary tug Glendyne). Click tug image for further info and photos of ship and crew.

HMCS    Gatineau 1963/65

Click photo for enlargement

Bill Featherstone and George Webster (#12 in photo) would like help in identifying the Chief and Petty Officer's in this circa 1963-65 HMCS Gatineau photo.
E-mail Bill at..

Interesting Find

In 1983 Gerry Ouderkirk was restoring a boat in St Catharines, Ontario  when he found that someone had discarded some items in his garbage dumpster. There were several newspaper articles and newspaper photos about Magnificent including her 1950 (51??) cruise to New York City, accompanied by Micmac and Swansea. There were also some personal photos which can be viewed on my new "Maggie" page. (Link at left "Maggie)

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