Iroquois Division 1952

The blue names indicate those I have been in contact with.
They may be contacted by e-mailing me.

1.Willigar 2.MacDonald 3.Cave 4.Shamess 5.Bidinost 6.Rosell 7.Hyerczyn 8.Woods 9.Jensen 10.Preston 11.Groleau 12.Verhaag 13.Storey
14.Parsons 15.Conti 16.Steele 17.Holmes 18.Hicks 19.LeMay 20.Howard 21.Mansen 22.Lunn 23.Smith 24.Esplin 25.Mackenzie
26.Hawley 27.Barnes 28.Cooper 29.Rosamond 30.Dixon 31.Westlake 32.Fidlin 33.Webb 34.Masechan 35.Bury 36.Cornish 37.Spowart 38.Leva..?
39.???? 40.Beard 41.McCord 42.McQuay 43.Sullivan 44.Hoage 45.O'Brien 46.Laundry 47.Mitchell 48.Henderson 49.Doucette 50.Miller
51.???? 52.Arnoit 53.Meacham 54.McRae 55.Letch 56.Simineau 57.Starett 58.Stocker 59.Cameron 60.Thibodeau 61.Dormuth 62.Dube
63.???? 64.D'Orsay 65.Kirk 66.CPO  Armitage 67.Lt Webber 68.Vincent 69.Hilton 70.Bellrose

There are several names that are not known and ???'s inserted.  Also #38 has only the first four letters of his name.  If anyone can help with these names or if you note any errors, including spelling mistakes, please e-mail me.

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