1953 - OS U/T

Unfortunately, the only photo I have of the Wallaceburg is one from the May 1956 Crowsnest. It shows the Labrador "rescuing" the Wallaceburg from icebound Pictou Harbor.  

The Wallaceburg was an Algerine Convoy Escort commissioned in 1943 and paid off in 1946. The RN used the convoy escort as minesweepers but the in the RCN they were not fitted with minesweeping gear, however at some point after WWII, Wallaceburg was fitted with minesweeping gear for training purposes. It was a training ship from 1950 until 1957 then transfered to to Belgian navy on 31 July 1959.  Noticeably absent in the above photo is the forward 4" gun.

The above photo of Wallaceburg with wartime paint and pendant number was submitted by

Lt(N) Nathan T. Brown, Sr. CD
Commanding Officer
162 RC(Sea)CC “Wallaceburg”

It was on the Wallaceburg that I had my first taste of life on the ocean blue and got my sea legs.  A trip to St. Georges harbour in Bermuda where I spent most of my shore leave at Arthurs White Horse Tavern.

Two shipmates on Kings Square.

Wallaceburg was renamed Georges Lecointe when she was transfered to the Belgian Navy
I have contacted Andre Borri who served in the Belgian Navy and he has graciously
forwarded photos of his service in Georges Lecointe.

Welcome aboard Georges Lecointe
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Welcome Lecointe

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