HMCS Sioux (originally HMS Vixen) was commissioned in 1944 and paid-off in 1963. Her original pendant number was R64.

By far the most memorable time of my navy life was on board the Sioux. I was drafted to the Sioux 1 June 53, when she returned from Great Britain (the Queens Coronation), and sailed with her to Esquimalt through the Panama Canal with stops at Jamacia, Colon and Balboa (Panama ), Manzanillo (Mexico) and Long Beach , (California).  After a 6 month draft to HMCS Naden for a Radar Plot 3 course, I returned to the Sioux for her third Far East Korean tour of duty.

Her two previous deployments to Korea were from 5 July 1950 until 4 Feb 1951 and 8 Apr 1951 until 8 Mar 1952.
These were the dates she departed and arrived back in Esquimalt.

I purchased these two photos from the ship's canteen.  She must have been ready to enter harbour when they were taken as the hands on the upper deck are wearing #2 uniforms.


Normandy 1944
Arctic 1944-1945
Atlantic 1945
Korea 1950-1952

Sioux Haida

Photo courtesy of George Goodwin -

An evening stroll  in downtown Vancouver with one of my best wingers, Ray East.
I'm not sure if it was taken before or after the Third Far East Tour.
I'm looking for you Ray.

Certainly not a clear photo but an idea of the close quarters in the after seaman's messdeck.
Me in my lower bunk and Arch Esplin in his skivvies.
Sometime between Jun and Oct 1953


These photos were submitted by Joe Grigg of Sioux refueling from
Bonaventure (circa 1962) .. Click for enlargements

Pre Squid

Sioux before squid mortar conversion. Possibly taken from Ontario.
Photo courtesy of Dave Campbell.

Click on image for enlargement

The above photo of the crew of HMCS Sioux in 1944 was sent to me by Dana Andrews.  His father, CPO David Bertram Andrews (the Chief standing behind the Captain) was a radio operator then radar operator, from Sioux's transfer from the RN to the RCN until she went to the west coast.


Can anyone identify any of these five Sioux ratings?? 

Five crewmen

Click on image for enlargement

Don Bjorndahl submitted this photo he received from a friend, a former member of the RCAF, taken during the week of Guy Fox Day (Oct 31) 1944. He had met the 5 Sioux crewmen in a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland and "chummed" with them for a few days prior to Sioux sailing on a convoy to Murmask. The only one named is of the seaman with the eye patch known as "Disher", who incidentally, was unhappy with the Murmask run as he would be spending all his time chipping ice.


I received the following e-mail from Myra (Foulis) Taylor identifying her father in the above photo.
(Reprinted with her permission)

While reading through a site at: I was reading some of the information sent in by former crew members of the HMCS Sioux. Imagine my surprise as I reached the bottom of the page, only to see a photo of 5 sailors on leave, one of which was my father! Now I find your wonderful website and there is the same photo! I hope the following information will be of help to you.

In the photograph, there is a man with an eye patch and he is identified only as "Disher". My father is beside this man. Back row (top left) of photograph is my dad, Ordinary Seaman Norman Leslie Foulis.

He proudly served from October 1942, went overseas in 1943 and returned home in 1945 when he was honourably discharged. I would be interested to know that this information was received. If you require further information, I would be happy to try and answer questions for you.

My dad passed away in August of 1987 after numerous surgeries to repair veins that were damaged as a result of over-exposure to the cold while serving in the North Atlantic. One of his duties was that of the "Buoy Jumper". On one occassion he was stranded in rough, frigid water for hours (submerged from the waist down) during one of his "jumps".

My mother is still alive and would be pleased to try and furnish more information for you. I hope that your site (and particularly that photo) will reflect my father's name. I am so proud of his service to our fine nation and thank you for posting the information on the HMCS Sioux.

Kind regards,

Myra (Foulis) Taylor

proud daughter of Norman Leslie Foulis

The following Guestbook entry was received from Renee James

Date: 2/23/2009, 9:42 pm, EST

Name: Renee James

Hi Tom

I believe my grandfather Bruce Billings may be in the photo you have from Don Bjordahl The Five Sioux crewman first sailor front row. I have not seen any photos of my grandfather at that age so I am not sure.

Click on image for enlargement

Chuck Hibbert submitted this super photo of Sioux passing through the Welland Canal on her 1963 Great Lakes Cruise. Click on the photo for an enlargement. And check out Chuck's other contibutions on Sioux's Paying-off link on the left.

Click on image for enlargement

Maisie Dalzell submitted this crew photo taken
in Bermuda from a Sept 1961 Crowsnest

She also submitted a number of photos printed in the Niagara Falls Review
Click here to view

Richard Mott submitted these photos of his service in Sioux - 1959/60

tot guns

At the brow by
the torpedo tubes

Tot time on the
Sioux's 4.7 in.
A and B guns

Click on images for enlargement

New Photos

I have received a number of photos from Ian McLaughlin whose father John McLaughlin served on Sioux durning her second Korean tour and the Coronation trip. Unfortunately I cannot recall him when I was drafted to Sioux on her stop in Halifax after the Coronation. I was likely to engrossed with the culture change of cafeteria messing and bunks. ;-)

Click here to view John's photos

The following info was submitted by LSFC2 John Cardy

Link to ....Third Canadian Escort Squadron


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