second tally

Robert A. Parsons joined the RCN in 1948 and retired in 1975. He sailed in Sioux and has forwarded the following photos from her second Korean Tour, Aug 1951 - Aug1952

Ship's Crew
(Click image for enlargement)

Ship's company

HMCS Sioux Honour Guard at Memorial Service at the Canadian Cemetery in Hong Kong

Canadian Cemetery

Memorial Service

Tot time

tot time

Parsons (right front), Sandy Thom (behind), Luigi Dixon (on top)

Commomwealth Shore Patrol... Sasebo, Japan

L to R... Aussie, Kiwi, Brit, Canuck (Parsons)
(my little observation.. the seven seas in the Brit's trousers)

HMS Ladybird, Sasebo Japan

HMS Ladybird

Headquarters of CinC Fleet, also billets for Commonwealth Shore Patrol.

Royal Navy "Wets"

RN Wet Canteen

L to R... Booth, Casmey, Bryan, Parsons, Michaels

Drydock in Sasebo Japan for repairs from typhoon damage


drydockcarley float

In the Yellow Sea. Certainly not as icy as the North Atlantic but......


Hong Kong Hong Kong
Joe Bell - Hong Kong - Kowloon Ferry Dock Hong Kong - Kowloon Ferry Dock
Kure Kure
Parsons - Kure, Japan Larkin - Kure, Japan
Kure Kure
Bryan - Kure, Japan Bowness, Camsey, Parsons - Kure, Japan

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