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HMCS Sioux entering Hong Kong Habour  - 10  Jan 1955


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Sam Brian Noakes has submitted a number of photos of his electrician shipmates on Sioux's Third Korean tour. His prized possessions are the gift of a ditty bag filled with " silver dollars" and being awarded a medal for "Valour Around the Rum Jug".... Hey I'll drink to that!!!!



2 3 4
1-P1 ?? 2-? Acheson 3- Ian MacIntyre 4-Lloyd Adams-??
5 6 6a
5-Lloyd Adams
Ian MacIntyre-??
6-Lloyd Adams
Ian MacIntyre
6a-Lloyd Adams
Sam Noakes
7-Sam Noakes

7 adams
8-P1 ?? 8a-Lloyd Adams

9- ????????????? 10-Lloyd, Ian, ??????? 11- Sams, Lloyd, Ian,???
12-Acheson, Lloyd, Ian 13- Acheson, P1, P2 14-?, ? ,?, ?, ?, Ian 
14a - ?? 15-Sam, Acheson, Lloyd 16- ?, Acheson
17- ?, Acheson, Sam 18 - refueling at sea 19- Ray East, ?

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