H.M.C.S. SIOUX  - DDE 225

It has taken some time but my Sioux model is finally finished. It is a 30" model from scratch that I started from the two photos that I had, which are on my Sioux Page, plus a couple of others I found on the internet. There was a lot of guesswork to the scale but when I received deck plans the first of my many refits began. Nothing on the model is from a kit and as I am not "Tim the Toolman Tylor" I do not have an elaborate woodworking shop. So by using my imagination I used many things that were meant for other purposes. Number 12 embroidery needles worked great for the guardrail stanchions and the little eye in the needle saved a lot of gluing ;-)  The funnel cap is the top of a plastic shampoo bottle, the torpedos and torpedo tubes are from a rabbit ear TV antenna, the lattice mast is a cigarette package cut in thin strips and after being unable to find rope small enough and the right colour for the hawsers, I stripped a piece of white twine down several times and dyed it in instant coffee. I did have a problem getting something for the gunsights on the bofors but a single strand of the hairlike shielding wire in a radio cable worked quite well. And so it went, on and on...
Now all I have to do is learn how to take better photos ;-).

Below are some smaller images that may be clicked on for enlargements.
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Incidentally, I have decided to have the model on display at the Welland, Ontario Rose City Branch #4 of the Royal Canadian Legion. The branch has opened an educational classroom for area schoolchildren and I thought it would be more appropriate than having it sitting on a shelf in my basement.

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