The barrack block is the "C" shaped building at the top centre, the parade ground below it and the canteen to to left (large white building).  At the extreme left is the drydock.   And if I remember correctly the building in the upper left corner is the Officers quarters.

Arriving in Esquimalt in Sioux from the east coast I was drafted to Naden for my PR3 course. Many thanks to Bruce Stauffer who located and sent me the photo of that course... RP328 - Oct 53 - Jan 54


Click on photo for enlargement (including names)

Sailors from HMCS Naden lead the Navy Day parade in Victoria, BC., in 1956. 

Future officer material.  The UNTD contingent.

In summer whites representing HMCS Ontario.
It was not until I had these three photos of the parade on this page that I noticed that when I took the photos, the idea of having everyone in step never crossed my mind.  I just aimed the camera and snapped the picture. Maybe I did it subconsciously... or more likely, unconsciously. ;-)  

Hi Tom,
Here is a photo I came across the other day. It was taken in 1965 or 1966 and is of one of my classes at the Prep School in HMCS Naden. I wonder who of those fellows is still around. I am the left hand fellow in the front row.
Len Goodman

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