Sam Noakes, my shipmate on Sioux's Third Korean tour has submitted some super photos of Maggie's deployment to the Suez Canal

(Click on images for enlargements)


"Coming home" to Slackers

Maggie returning to Halifax Harbour from her Suez tour via Glasgow Scotland (where she picked up a cargo of sabre jets). Upon our arrival the following message was received from the Mayor of Halifax-...  "Sam Noakes"  

"The City of Halifax welcomes "Maggie" home. We've been proud to follow your movements as you represented Canada in the Middle East. Certainly you have earned your keep for this year and possibly for several past years too in the job you did carrying equipment and men there and returning with your cargo of sabre jets from Glasgow. I have seen your steel plates buckled four feet and more and can appreciate in small part the kind of return passage you've had. "Maggie" is close to us all.We're glad to have her back."

t33 t34 t35

Halifax prior to departure

Boarding troops

Loading equipment

t27 t37 t31

Sunday Service

Maggie and sunken ship

t43 refuel t22

Damaged ship. Port Said


Matelot tourists at pyramids


"Why is it Party Time  ????" .. (Sam Noakes at left)

See Below  .. ;-)



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