I have no real info on these photos other what I can assume from the newspaper articles and inscriptions on the back of the photos, as they were found in a garbage dumpster in 1983 in St Catharines, Ontario. One article mentions the previous years of 1948 and 1949 so I think they would be of a visit to New York City  by Maggie, Micmac and Swansea in 1950.

New York City?

Donald Green - Maggie

Photos from Maggie

Open house Micmac and Havana Cuba

Three photos of Maggie courtesy of Gerald Sullivan

coronationaircraft approachst john

Carrier Row Spithead   -   Aircraft approach   -   Approaching St John

In the photo Carrier Row, behind the carriers is cruiser row.
The two cruisers to the left of Maggie are Ontario and Quebec

The following four photos were submitted by Sandy Goldstien
They are only identified by a Nat Def Photograph stamp on the back
with a penciled number that I have added to to photo.

carrier1  carrier2aircraft1

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