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Arthur "Sandy" Goldstien joined the RCN in October 1951. He has submitted collection of photos that he has from that time but many are unidentified. Can you help fill in any info on the photos below?


What is the name of this Cornwallis Division?
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The back of the photo was signed by the members of the division. I can read many of the signatures but with some the name is difficult to decipher.
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signature 1 signature 2


Anyone you know in the photos?

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Interesting... The back of the photo notes the carrier is Magnificent with no name for escorts, but something seems to be amiss if these are all Canadian ships. The middle ship appears to be a cruiser. There is no pennant number visable on the destroyer on the left. ??wartime??... I would guess "V" class (single funnel) possibly 'Sioux' from the lattice mast structure and if so, definately pre conversion of removing "x" and "y" guns and adding squid mounts. However..... Sioux was  transfered to the west coast for refit and paid off to reserved fleet in Feb 1946. She was not recommissioned until 1950. 'Maggie' was not commissioned until 1948 on the east coast.  But... HMCS Warrior was part of the RCN from 1946 until 1948  and not being suitable for the east coast was transfered to the west coast. .  Could the carrier be 'Warrior' if her transfer to the RCN was pre Feb 1946?  Then again all this  would be a moot point if the destroyer ain't 'Sioux'.  ;-)


From Bill Croshaw

In the photo of the unidentified ships could they be the destroyer HMCS Crusader, Cruiser Quebec and the Maggie? Crusader kept her wartime configuration until testing VDS.


From Chris McArdle

The picture showing the destroyer, Cruiser, and Carrier. I believe the destroyer has to be one of: Crescent, Crusader, Algonquin., but not the Sioux as she was converted prior to sailing to the Korean War and her after 4.7's were removed for the squid mountings. I believe that this has to be a post war photo because of the maple leaf on the funnel. I also have some misgiving about identifying the cruiser as Quebec as the mast looks too high as she had it

amputated, however it could be Uganda same ship different time and Uganda had the whole mast. Still trying to identify the Cornwallis division as some of the faces look familiar but with the passage of time ond old age I'm having a hard time putting names to the faces. I would sure like a copy of the picture fuelling from the Maggie as I was there.

Chris McArdle 1951 - 1979


This photo is also named as 'Maggie', but I'll let the experts make the decision ;-)

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Sandy's Christmas Cards

These four photos are of ships dressed with lights and the fireworks display at the 1953 Queen's coronation.

lights  lights


Six more photos of unidentified ships with the exception of the cruiser (photo #6)
with leaf on funnel (Ontario or Quebec) with a  photo development date of Oct 1955 and Nootka in photo #2

Not certain of location, possibly Coronation but hey, it could be Slackers.
How would this West Coast rating know the harbour landmarks .. ;-)

unknown unknown unknown
USN Battleship 1 HMCS Nootka 213 at
 left, Maggie above ? 2
   Queen passing by?  3
unknown unknown
         USS Midway ?
     Maggie chopper ?   4 
Ships at Coronation ?  5     Mapleaf on funnel
  Ontario or Quebec ?  6

Gerald Sullivan's e-mail re: above photo's

Great photographs, would have been a crime to have wasted them.

Would like to see his collection.

The carrier is the original USS Midway CV 41, note the absence of a hurricane bow.

That is an Iowa class battleship, looks like she is off Pier 21 in Slackers, could be Iowa or Missouri.

The frigate passing Quebec is HMS Surprise, she was converted to a yacht. Mountbatten used her in the Mediterranean in 1952.

My guess the one of Magnificent was taken prior to the other of her steaming out of Halifax harbour, note the air groups are aboard.

Would say the cruiser is Quebec (can`t make out pennant number) alongside in Halifax.

Do not think the ships assembled are at Coronation, too close to shore we were a good distance off the beach.

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