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Maisie Dalzell became a true navy wife while married to Clarence Harris (now deceased), saving many photos of sailors from the Niagara area that appeared in her local paper, the Niagara Falls Review. They are true gems from the 1950's and 1960's that will take all you old matelots back to your youth just as thay have taken me. As Clarence was Naval Air, Maisie has also submitted two poems to John Emrick's Naval Air website "Under The Cat"  (Bonnie and Canteen pages) that are very moving. There is a link to Under The Cat on my links page and I hope you will take the time to visit and read the poems. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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My heartfelt thanks to Maisie for following photos.
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The Growing Role of the RCN.... in days of yore...

Jet Maint.


Saving Lives

Key West, FL


First Leave


Belgium Visit

Sioux in Panama Canal

Any photo of the Sioux in the Panama Canal brings back memories for me. As I mentioned earlier, I and several others were drafted to Sioux for our trip to the west coast. Unfortunatety, Stadacona personnel got the bodies and their kit onboard but neglected ..or forgot ..or it slipped their mind ..or they had spent too much time in the Seagull Club the evening before, to remember to send our records which included pay documents. Sioux's caring and understanding Pay Officer, likely fearing us new draftees would depleted the ships cash reserves, allowed us a whole $5.00 as a pay advance. And payday was prior to our first stop at Kingston, Jamacia. With five port calls during the trip that was one dollar per shore leave. The aftermath was that "cash advances" from crew members at the going rate of 7 for 5 on payday put a dent in my regular pay on arriving at Esquimalt.

Additions Feburary 9, 2003




Four New



Paid off


St Laurent




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