Many of the ships of the RCN had mascots. Mostly they were dogs but I have heard of cats and even a monkey. (and the monkey photos have arrived)

Maisie Dalzell, my contributor of newpaper articles, sent this photo of "Spike" the mascot of HMCS Trinity. It made me think of the stories I have heard about the mascots, most recently on the CTDA e-mail group. They been varied, from humourous to near disasters and even outright disasters, but always with affection. I'll start this page in honour of Leading Wren Spike, who really was a girl . If you have a story (and hopefully a photo) send it along and give your mascot the recognition he or she deserves. From all reports they did a marvellous job of moral boosting .

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The photo is not dated but Trinity was commissioned in 1954 and paid off in 1957

"LS Joe Crow" courtesy Of Gerald Sullivan

Leading Seaman Joe Crow was the Mascot of HMCS Cornwallis circa 1950 and was part of the ships company: he had been foot printed and his records sent to Ottawa. Leading Seaman Crow was to be treated with the greatest of "Respect" and heaven help the hand found abusing him in any way. You will note that the official ships badge of Cornwallis featured a crow with an Admiralty Pattern anchor. (Jerry Sullivan)

"Stand Easy" courtesy of Gerald Sullivan

Stand Easy was HMCS Magnificent's mascot circa 1948 / 1949

"Mike" courtesy of Tom Ingham

Mike was the mascot of HMCS Cornwallis in 1943.

Another of Mike courtesy of Tom Ingham

HMCS Cornwallis. 1943

Four photos of Joey, HMCS Iroquois courtesy of Tom Ingham
Joey was picked up in Russia in 1942 and named after Joseph Stalin

Joey & Captain Hibbard

  Joey on Guard

Joey & Tom Ingham

Joey the Gunner

With the Captain and "On Guard"taken 1944, others 1943

Kitten... HMCS Iroquois.. 1944 (Tom Ingham)

Cheeta the monkey.. HMCS Iroquois.. 1944
Tom Ingham



I first met Nuf in the early part of 1952 when I was stationed at Shearwater. 

This a photo I found of “Nuf” the great big Newfoundland dog that always seemed to be laying outside the galley as we went in for our meals.  He always seemed to be knawing on some bovine upper leg bone.  A real gentle dog, that always had a wag of a tail for a matelot that gave him a kind word and a pat.  He also seemed to blend in with the dust and dirt of Shearwater.  The Canteen fund would pay for his cleaning and shots at the vet clinic.

 This is not my picture that I took of Nuf  so if someone would like to take credit for it..great.  If attachment doesn’t open email me back.

 Bill McDonald RCN 1950 – 1955


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