Burlington, Ontario

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Located on the Lake Ontario waterfront in a beautiful setting in Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, Ontario, the Naval Ship's Memorial Monument is the result of the tireless efforts of the Royal Canadian Naval Association Burlington Branch.

Unveiled on May14, 1995, the monument was dedicated to the memory of the ships and personnel of the RCN and Merchant Navy lost during World War II.

Inscribed on the monument are the names of all the warships of the RCN in commission during the Second World war. Also listed are the RCN and Merchant ships that were lost.

When several of us on the cta e-mail group thought it would be nice to meet and put a "face" to our screennames, what better place to meet than the Memorial, then have lunch at the RCNA club in Burlington.

#1. Jerry Proc.. The tireless volunteer at HMCS Haida Historic Ship, author and webmaster of an untold number of webpages.

#2. Tom (Ross) Spowart.. Wallaceburg, Sioux, Athabaskan

#3. George Chadwick.. Huron, Sioux

#4. Gerald (Jerry) Sullivan.. Magnificent.

Lunch and tot time at the Burlington RCNA club

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