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~Pusser's Rum And History~
The tale of the tot.


H.M.C.S.  Haida... The last tribal class destroyer preserved as a museum.

H.M.C.S.  Sackville... The last corvette preserved as a museum.

H.M.C.S. Fraser... The last St Laurent class destroyer being preserved as a museum.


In addition to maintaining the Haida Museum website and a host of other websites,
Jerry Proc is Webmaster of eight sites dedicated to former destroyers and their crews.


H.M.C.S. Huron...   R24 / DDE216

H.M.C.S. Cayuga...   R04 / DDE218

H.M.C.S. Iroquois...   G89 / DDE217

H.M.C.S. Nootka...   R96 / DDE213

H.M.C.S. Micmac...  R10 / DDE214

H.M.C.S. Athabaskan...  R79 / DDE219

"V" Class

H.M.C.S. Sioux...   R64 / DDE225

H.M.C.S. Algonquin...  R17 / DDE224


HMCS Trentonian...  Very interesting site about Trentonian's wartime history.

HMCS Labrador...  

HMCS Nene...  An extremely well researched and documented site of the the River Class Frigate (K270)

HMCS Micmac... Macs Navy Links


Naval Museum of Alberta...

Naval Museum of Manitoba...

R.A.E.Q... Info on HMCS Nipigon (Presently French only)

Cornwallis Museum...

Shearwater Aviation Museum...

Quebec Naval Museum...  RCN Fairmiles

CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum...


The Royal Canadian Navy Benevolent Fund... "A Fund to relieve distress and promote the well-being of members and former members of the Naval Forces of Canada, Canadian Merchant Navy War Veterans, former members of the Canadian Forces with Maritime Service, and their dependants."

Canadian Navy (DND)... Websites of ships currently in commission will be found at - Fleet - Class of Ships.

Stadacona Band...

Naden Band...

The Wrens Worldwide...

Historic Naval Ships Association...

Canadian Tribal Destroyer Association...

Submariners Association of Canada...

Naval Ships Memorial Monument...

The Gun Plot...  Superb site about the RAN

Naval Club of Toronto

Royal Naval Association Southern Ontario

Naval Officers' Association of Canada

Oshawa Naval Club


HMCS Uganda/Quebec..  Stories of the times of HMCS Uganda..HMCS Quebec

Canadian Navy of Yesterday and Today...

Royal Canadian Navy...

Mac's Navy Links...

A Sailor's Life...

Ready Aye Ready..  Extensive listing of ships badges.

Canada's Navy - Ship Classes...

Canadian Navy Prints Gallery...

Under The Cat...  HMCS Bonaventure

Bill's Photo Albums Links... Bill Featherstone's photos of Kootney and Gatineau

Bruce's Navy Page... Bruce Stauffer

Stokers Online... The title says it all.

NAVY TIME... George Goodwin

HMCS Nipigon... Daniel Lacroix's Nipigon homepage

For Posterity's Sake... Gary Weir's website that has a selection of indentified and not identified photos of WW11 matelots. (Under Naval History)

Norice "Norrie" Millen... Norrie's new website

Jason Gray's Canadian Military Site... An excellant site dedicated to all of Canada's military services from the 1800's to the present


Testaments Of Honour...

Remembering the sounds of my grandfather's footsteps...  Joe Hartwell's site dedicated to WWI


YAHOO Military

Open Directory Project Military

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