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Apr 29, 2008 to Sept 15, 2008

Date: 9/15/2008, 5:09 pm, EDT

Name: Dave (Knobby) Clarke


Gatineau 3/60, Iroquois, Nootka, Qu'appelle, Assiniboine, Annapolis, Margaree, Iroquois. Joined Oct

60 - Retired Nov 82 Was Sonarman Still get excited when I hear a ping

Date: 9/14/2008, 2:30 pm, EDT

Name: George Walton


Hi Tom, great to see you still afloat. Good to see George Trenholm posting messages. Ahoy George, Swansea 63 and later Margaree........Regards to all

Date: 9/7/2008, 9:07 pm, EDT

Name: Troy


My dad was also on the Athabaskan, I`ll ask him the year(s).

Date: 9/6/2008, 3:55 pm, EDT

Name: P1ER (Ret'd) Gilles St-Aubin


I served on various West coast ships starting in 1974 with HMCS Restigouche, then sailed on Yukon, Kootenay, Fundy. My last ship was HMCS Saskatchewan retired soon after her decommissioning in 1994.

My career and training as a "stoker" allowed me to begin a second career in the industrial boiler/burner business. I am now working for Cleaver-Brooks/Nebraska Boiler as "Director of Field Services" for their Industrial Watertube Boiler Division.

I now reside in the Montreal area.

If any of my old shipmates remember me, send me an e-mail as I would be happy to hear from you.


Gilles St-Aubin

AKA "The Saint"

Date: 9/5/2008, 11:47 am, EDT

Name: Troy Gardner


My dad, William ( Bill) Gardner, was on the Bonaventure from 1960-1964. He served on 2 others as well, I just can`t remember. He`s still very much alive, so if anyone knows him, contact me at & I`ll let him know. Great site.

Date: 8/20/2008, 9:08 pm, EDT

Name: Gerry (Stretch) Taylor


Listed my ships and shore station assignments yesterday. Great webb site, made me start thinking about all the old ship mates. HMCS Athabaskan was the first ship when I finished com School at Cornwallis in Late January of 1960. One more of my com school class mates was also assigned to the Athabascan with me. Ron Seekings, whom I believe now lives in the Winnipeg area. When Ron and I arrived at the Athabaskan, the first thing we had to learn was to braid the clue's on the hammicks that we used. (The only ship I was on that used micks). One of the first assignments that the Athabaskan went on, whe Ron and I arrived, was making the movie for Hollywood, (The Great Imposter, with Tony Curtis). Tony Curtis was never on the ship, but we did filming for nearly three months. The Cayuga was the ship that the Dr. imposter was actually on during the Korean campaign. However, the Cayuga was tied up with Nato assignments, and we just changed the number on one side of our ship from 219 to 218 to represent the Cayuga, and away we went. For those of us who had a little seatime on the East coast, finding rough weather was normally not a problem. But can you believe that we actually had trouble finding rough weather for filming for hollywood. So we set sail, looking for some weather, and found some reasonable Ground swells, and cranked the old girl up to 30 knots, and in the actual film, it looked like a rough sea sequence of the coast of Korea. Any of my old ship mates remember that cushy assignment for the Athabaskan??

Date: 8/19/2008, 11:38 pm, EDT

Name: Gerry (Stretch) Taylor


Sparker, 1959 - 1965. Cornwallis, Athabaskan, Albro Lake, Fort Erie, Newport Corners, Swansea, Albro Lake again, Yukon, Ottawa.

Date: 8/19/2008, 1:33 pm, EDT

Name: Heather Chambers


Tom....Are you from Welland On.? I may be your second cousin. My grandmother's maiden name was Spowart. Who is your Dad, Mom and siblings. My cousin Donna is really working hard on a Spowart family tree.

Date: 8/17/2008, 9:22 pm, EDT

Name: Art Boucher


Served between 1960-1965 on Skeena, Saguenay and Margaree as signalman.

Date: 7/22/2008, 12:12 pm, EDT

Name: William [Bill] Medynski


hi all,just to let ex ship mates who sailed with my brother art medynski [ski] that he has passed joined the navy in oct 1953 and sailed on nootka,algonquin,ungava,thunder,stad and shearwater as out after 5 yrs. service.retired from post office after 25 yrs service. thanks tom for a great site.gooid to hear from bill featherstone,jim&dave brannen.up spirits

Date: 7/21/2008, 2:00 pm, EDT

Name: Brian Tibbs


looking for matelots from St. Laurent Division 2-61 also from Comm. Division Sigs. class 120 1962

Date: 7/21/2008, 12:36 pm, EDT

Name: Valerie Melody


Looking for list of names of all crew of H.M.C.S. Athabaskan 207-1944.

I am looking for info about my late grandfather (1968), who served in the engine room.

Edward Caulderwood Hinds, AKA Scotty; AKA Cosher

Thank you.

Date: 7/18/2008, 7:12 pm, EDT

Name: Ron Bell


I was a RCAFvisitor on HMCS Ungava in the summer of 1955 when she was berthed at Chicoutimi, Quecbec. There was an incident with the ship's bell and I'm interested if anyone knows this story?

Date: 7/16/2008, 7:51 pm, EDT

Name: Bill (Barney) Featherstone



Great to see Bill Medynski in the log,(page 2). I sent you an email Bill. We were in Assiniboine 2/61 together. Check out my web site. I believe you are #10 in the "first day" photo. I'm #24

How you doing Tom?


Date: 7/7/2008, 2:25 am, EDT

Name: Toni Wyatt


ATTENTION: Dave Stewart

At one time I knew loads of folks at Cat ... but I was in the UK between '68 & '70 and by the time I got back home, many of those I knew there were gone .... Unification/tri-service dispersed many of the RCNVR, sadly many were WWll / Korean vets. I was in the building several times (one now under RMC) during 1970-71, as youngest brother was Drum Major in the Sea Cadets. My parents belonged to Naval Association, as well both were members of Navy Vets (mother was Secretary / Father Sgt at Arms - original excutive). Mother also belonged to Brit Wrens Association which met at Cat and I sometimes attended meetings with her.

I also was in Cornwallis in July/August 1966. What time of year were you there? Check my previous post for names. Most of the fellows (not all though) named were Com Rates in Cornwallis in the summer of '66. Girls became mainly RPs, though some were Com Rates (pre-'66 classes), others Stores, Admin etc.

Also we went to sea aboard Kootenay in late Sept, October and I believe into early Nov 1966. Spent majority of our time in either Ops or SCR.

Toni ~ west end

Date: 7/7/2008, 2:02 am, EDT

Name: Toni Wyatt


NET was in Conestoga 33-66; then to Tactical Trainer / Admin Bldg Stad for RP1's; drafted to Warfare School Stad. Now married 41+ years to the Kipper from HMS/m Acheron, the last UK boat to serve in Canada (Ray Heater LCEM). A 1958 St. Vincent's boy.

Looking for anyone who served with The Kipper & I, in Canada / UK. Especially - Rena Vandenbiggelaar, Sandy Pitchenuk, Pat Ross, Grace Gunn, Lee Evans, Sharon *Moose* Gray, Jan Wheeler, Diane Moran [Conestoga 29 / FHH Brat], Glen Marsden, George Logan, Denny LaRue, Garth ? (from Tweed Ont. area ?), Perry Preston, Sonny Clark (from Gananoque Ont). Looking for all Acheron's crew 1966-70; we have contact with a couple of the lads - Happy, Pincher, Scouse Naylor & Mick B.

Cheers ... Toni


Date: 7/6/2008, 8:14 am, EDT

Name: Terry Wilson


Bonaventure 67-69. Any new "Bonaventure was never scrapped" conspiracy theories out there?

Date: 7/4/2008, 9:02 am, EDT

Name: Paul (Abe) Cohan


Great new stuff. Any airdales out there?

Date: 7/2/2008, 6:08 pm, EDT

Name: Ian Ball


Just saying hi, retired P1 era

Date: 6/30/2008, 9:23 pm, EDT

Name: Gerald Lodge (newf)


I just want to inform you all of my new email address.

Cornwallis August 1965

CFB Esquimalt, January 1966

TATP (Technical Apprentice Training Plan)

Date: 6/19/2008, 10:03 pm, EDT

Name: Dave Stewart


HMCS Cornwallis 1965 - 66 including Communications School. Dockyard Communications Centre 1966. HMCS Kootenay 1966 - 1968. HMCS Cataraqui (Kingston Ontario) 1968 -70. Rank of leaving navy LSSG2. Looking for any of my ship mates . Now living in Kingston Ontario.

Date: 6/19/2008, 1:09 am, EDT

Name: Frank Gardener


Skeena 2/60- Columbia, Chaudiere.Chicnecto.

Date: 6/19/2008, 12:06 am, EDT

Name: Paul Brown


Looking for information, pics, HMCS Cedarwood, brother Dave Foster was on her in mid 50's. Has lost all his pics and cap tallies.

Date: 6/19/2008, 12:04 am, EDT

Name: Paul Brown


Just say hi to all

Date: 6/18/2008, 1:44 pm, EDT

Name: ED


can anyone help i woulld like to know what Royal Canadian Navy Corvettes SHIP john benthen served on please e-mail me at elvme008@yahoo with any information thank you

Date: 6/18/2008, 12:37 am, EDT

Name: John Kollen ex P1ET


Looking up old shipmates. Anyone know if the Naval Electrical Society still exists.

Date: 6/17/2008, 11:51 pm, EDT



Recruited RCN 1948 Attested April 49 (Naval Air)First Huron Div,Commissioning Div. Left Naden same time Cmdr. Budge Have photos and names of all Huron Div on completion trng Sept 49 Served in Maggie,Bonaventure,Labrador,Provider, USS Wasp.If interesested in the Huron photo let me know

Yours aye


Date: 6/15/2008, 8:23 am, EDT

Name: John Albin


my father was on hmcs sioux and the ontario. he was in the navy from 1952/57. he was gunner. his name was john robert albin

Date: 6/14/2008, 6:24 pm, EDT

Name: Lloyd Adams


Hi Tom... my wife and I are making the journey across Canada by rail courtesy of Via Rail's exceptional offer for veteran travel in July. From Vancouver to Halifax and return with stops in Toronto and Winnipeg and Regina visiting old haunting grounds and visiting friends and family. The last time I did that was in 1954 going to and from Electrical School in HMCS Stadacona. We are going to be in Toronto and area July 24 to 29. If you are going to be around at that time please let me know and maybe we could get together for a "TOT" for old times sake. Cheers, Lloyd

Date: 6/11/2008, 3:03 pm, EDT

Name: Fred Lipskey (LSCV2 - PERI2)


RCNR 1956 - 1958

RCN 1958 - 1968

RCMP 1987 - 2000

Joined Sioux 23 Feb 59 and transferred to Stad 14 Oct 61. First ship was always the best. Moved back to the "Valley," in 2000. Lots of shipmates in this area.

Date: 6/10/2008, 6:57 pm, EDT

Name: W. [Bill] Medynski p2ck ret.


joined the rcn april 61 assinaboine/terra nova divs. first ship was lauzon,swansea ,st.laurent,glouschester then on to submarines. great job on the web site. bravo zulu. bob kirchmeyer are you out there.

Date: 6/7/2008, 12:45 am, EDT

Name: Russell, Bob


Joined the RCN August 1960, Frazer Division.

Served as a Stoker on the following ships.

First Ship HMCS Lauzon

Then HMCS Cayuga

Then HMCS Bonnaventure

Transfered to the RCAF in 1963.

Vehicle Tech

RCAF Greenwood Nova Scotia

RCAF 4 Wing Germany

RCAF Lahr Germany

RCAF Montapica PQ

RCAF Cold Lake AB

RCAF 408 Squadran Edmonton

Date: 6/1/2008, 10:19 am, EDT

Name: Ed Bland RCN 1953 - 1979


After my 27 years RCN - CAF I did 10 years naval reserve and 10 years Sea Cadets. Just looking for old wingers

Date: 5/30/2008, 6:46 pm, EDT

Name: Jack Wheeler


an excellent web site the RCNstill exists through lt a pity canada with such a long cdast line with no senior service for those canadian sailors , no square-rig of jolly jack-tar.

Date: 5/23/2008, 2:01 pm, EDT

Name: George Trenholm


Has everybody heard about theCornwallis Reunion Aug.22-24,2008.


Date: 5/22/2008, 1:04 pm, EDT

Name: George Trenholm


I just wanted to update my

E-mail address.

Keep up the good work,the site is great.

Date: 5/17/2008, 9:52 pm, EDT

Name: Terry Inglis


looking for anyone who served on hmcs huron 61-63 or on chaudiere 63-64 looking for pictures

Date: 5/13/2008, 5:11 am, EDT

Name: ABFC2 Roger Cohen


Cornwallis 1957: Terra Nova Div., Royal Guard of Honour for the Queens first tour of Canada. Terra Nova and Fraser divisions combined to form guard. Great gig, basic training was drilling (no obstacle course) and great trips to Ottawa and New York while at Cornwallis.

Served at Shearwater onto The Bonaventure, Haida, Terra Nova and commisioned the Chaudiere. Civvy street 1963.

Date: 5/12/2008, 6:18 pm, EDT

Name: Dave Anderson


Hi folks,

I was in the RCN from 58-63 as a "ping chaser"

I went through Cornwallis "Terra Nova Div" then to the Victoriaville and Sioux for 2 years each. Would not mind getting in touch with a few of the gang.


Dave Anderson

Date: 5/7/2008, 9:16 pm, EDT

Name: Al Malcomson


Hi Tom, You have done a bang-up job on your website. A lot of memories for us matelots who wore the blue and white. You mentioned Joe Caine and I remember him well. He came onboard Mackenzie back in 1970 as a brand new P2RP. Joe had suffered an accident and lost one of his legs but he still managed to keep up with the ships routine. I recall fire drill before evening rounds and Joe was there in the middle of us all tin leg and all. He was a very brave man who would not let something like that get in his way. Do you remember Steve Halasny? Steve was a great shipmate and was a member of the old Train Buster crew on Crusader back in Korea 1951. Keep up the good work. I still cannot get over the mess that Mr. H and the liberals made of such a good outfit. I got out and joined the Queen's Cowboys

An old matelot Al. Malcomson 69272E LSFC2

Date: 4/29/2008, 2:43 pm, EDT

Name: Megan Brown



My Dad, Lt (N) Robin Watt served on board the Bonnie in the late 50's and early 60's while stationed at Shearwater. He flew Trackers and Sikorski's. I am looking for some information on a cruise the Bonnie took to England in the 60's - maybe 63,64 or 65. He purchased an English Springer Spaniel puppy while in England, smuggled her on board and into his cabin and brought her back to Canada. Her name - Bonnie of course! Any information on where in England the Bonnie might have gone during those years would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much

Megan Brown

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