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Date: 6/2/2010, 9:50 am, EDT

Name: Robert BOB Carson


Number: 39

Sailed on three ships penetang Ottawa &Outremont 1952 to1958 Cornwallis in Annapolis Div Sept 1952 west coast in 1953 then to Halifax 1954 Looking for old ship mates

Date: 5/30/2010, 6:09 pm, EDT

Name: John (Jack) Fretwell



Number: 38

Hello earlier I posted a message I have updated my page added a navy timeline for "my time in"

A little time back I was writing back and forth with Don Bishop,

Well my machine crashed and I lost all my addresses so if anybody has his e-mail I'd welcome an email from you. He's probably wondering why I haven't answered him


Date: 5/27/2010, 8:22 pm, EDT

Name: Dude Hughes


Number: 37

nice site wish we had more

was in from march 56tofeb61

on last cruise of hmcs ontario

would like to hear from anyone i sailed with

dave stanway or cecil ross are u out theree

Date: 5/27/2010, 6:56 pm, EDT

Name: Carl Joseph Wright


Number: 36

Well iguess that should have found this site along time ago naval air type for over 20 years I did a lot of fish head duties also

Carl J wright CD RCN Rt'd

Date: 5/25/2010, 7:22 pm, EDT

Name: Bill Croshaw


Number: 35

Joined in Sept. 1957, served to Sept. 1962. Stoker on HMCS Lanark, Buckingham and Sioux. Drafted to HMCS Shelburne 1961. Just passing through. Looking forward to being at Halifax for the Fleet review by Queen Eliz. Was on the Sioux for the 50th anniversary of the RCN. Same Queen then.

My brother, Greg retired as a Chief Warrant a few years ago. His last ship was the Kooteney in Esquimalt. He doesn't visit these websites, shy I guess.

Keep up the great work on this site.

Date: 5/18/2010, 2:44 pm, EDT

Name:  Don Pratt AB AM2


Number: 34

Cornwallis Gatineau Div Feb 55.

Part of Bonaventure pre-commissioning crew who lived in Belfast from Apr 56 to Jan 57 & stayed with Bonnie 'til Aug 59.

Anyone else out there???

Date: 5/10/2010, 10:10 pm, EDT

Name: Roy Pottery


Number: 33

Email Update May 2010

Drop me a line.

Hi, I am doing research, about the Mackenzie Cairn, the H.M.C.S. Mackenzie, and an official visit to the Cairn site, Summer 1972, by the Governor General of Canada, Rt. Hon. Roland Michener. Locate wingers ? I was a member of the HMCS Mackenzie, Radar Plotter / Diver, at the time of the visit and I was on board the ship. When the Official Cruise ended later in Nanoose Bay, a "Splice the Mainbrace " was declared where all of us were presented with a photo of the crew with the Governor General, the map of the ports on the coast including the Mackenzie Cairn, on the cruise. Years ago I lost the documents and photos in a flooded basement. One other note, during the time the Navy decided to discontinue the Rum tot a daily issue at sea. It was on this cruise the Governor General issued the final "tot". I asked him to sign the Canadian Forces Rum bottle label which he happily did. I gave it to my girlfriend for safe keeping. When I returned from a later cruise her Mother threw it out with the trash thinking it was just that trash. Ha ha. So you see I have no mementos of that period of my life. I have attempted to contact many sources to replace or duplicate the with limited success. The "Last Bottle", will never be replaceable, but perhaps someone may have a photo of me receiving it. Any help or pass along my e-Mail if you like to any person who might ? Thanks Roy Patrick Pottery Able seaman Radar Plotter 271 / Ships' Diver Governor General's Cruise 1972 E-Mail

Date: 5/9/2010, 2:51 am, EDT

Name: W.J.(bill) Medynski CD. ret.


Number: 32

hi all, served in the rcnr hmcs donnacona 1959-160 entered the reg. navy in 1961 assiniboine / terra nova div. cornwallis sunset guard . sailed on lauzon, swansea, st . laurent, stad. glouschester, ojibwa, okanagan , val cartier and petawawa .als 12 years coast guard. any old ship mates out there i would love to hear from you . up spirits and bravo zulu tom

Date: 5/2/2010, 9:43 pm, EDT

Name: Bill McDonald


Number: 31

It was 60 years ago this September. Is there anybody left out there from FRASER DIVISION, Cornwallis, September 1950. The youngest of us would be 77 and the average age about 79. Due to a rail strike we came from Ontario and east so we all had "H" after our number. A number of us road the back of a truck from Halifax to Cornwallis.

Well I've found a few ... very few. So if there any more out there, make contact.

Date: 4/26/2010, 10:13 am, EDT

Name: Curran J.G. PO1


Number: 30

Nice site.

See names of some people I knew (thought a couple were retired, but guess not).

Started as RP271 (1970), RT272(1976), P1NETS286 (1981) (which they now say never existed {love it when those who were not there, tell those of us who were, how it was} and caused some trouble with a career manager) then P1NETT 285 (till 2005).

Date: 4/26/2010, 10:06 am, EDT

Name: Curran J.G. PO1 (Ret'D)


Number: 29

Nice site. See names of some people I knew (thought a couple were retired, but guess not).

Started as RP271, RT272, P1NETS286 (which they now say never existed {love it when those who were not there, tell those of us who were, how it was} and caused some trouble with a career manager) then P1NETT 285.

Glad to see some friends are still around.


Date: 4/15/2010, 11:05 am, EDT

Name: Gordon Stewart


Number: 28

Hi guys I served 1955 to 1960 HMCS Micmac & Athabaskan LSTD2 Please have alook at Google GGSVM and if you agree sign We need your support to get this Medal for ALL of us & those who are serving today, Cheers

Date: 4/7/2010, 12:13 am, EDT

Name: Tom Spowart webmaster



Number: 27

Testing the log entry submissions

Date: 3/26/2010, 2:55 pm, EDT

Name: Paddy Moore ABRP2


Number: 26

thanks for this great site to lo

served aboard micmac andlike to here from old shipmates. (61-64)

Date: 3/23/2010, 2:30 pm, EDT

Name: Maurice Sauve



Number: 25

Join late 1958 to oct.1963

Best ship..Haida

and La Hulloise.

If remember me... absw1

send me a note.

Date: 3/19/2010, 2:03 pm, EDT

Name: Anne Duke Judd


Number: 24

Thanks for the dedication in creating and maintaining this Web site.

My naval interest is the 25-foot motorcutters built 1942-1945 for both RCN and RN in the boatworks my granddad founded.

Documents in the 'family archives' link some of the boats to hull numbers that match Algerine minesweepers. For many more, no matching yet found.

I would like to hear from anyone with experiences involving the motorcutters during or post-war.

Tracing as many of the boats as possible to commemorate Canadian Navy Centennial. My husband [RCN reservist 1960s HMSC Star] is working on a model of the motorcutters.

Thanks in advance,


Date: 3/11/2010, 5:39 pm, EDT

Name: Dennis Wilson



Number: 23

61-64, ABSN primarily on the La Hulloise. This site brings back great memories, thinking of old (now very old) wingers..Cameron Craig Douglas, Joey Young (Renous NB), John Wayne Brokenshire, John Faulkner...any of you guys still around?

Date: 3/5/2010, 5:33 am, EDT

Name: Glen "Seadog" Seymour



Number: 22

whats up guys.

They still tote time on board yet.

Date: 3/1/2010, 11:50 pm, EDT

Name: Cathy Hughes (nee Tierney)


Number: 21

Great site, lots of work put into it. Brings back a lot of memories. Was in the WRENS

from 1961 to 1963 and did my basic at Cornwall - Conestoga 19 - and served at Shearwater. Was married to ABAM1 Doug Reid who was at Cornwallis, Shearwater and the Bonnie from '61 until '64. Have several pictures and will scan them in and send them along.

Date: 2/26/2010, 11:21 pm, EDT

Name: Glen "Seadog" Seymour



Number: 20


Date: 2/25/2010, 4:28 pm, EDT

Name: Ron Nesbitt


Number: 19

Hi again.Just found a lot of old pictures from Terra Nova div dec 59/60.Assault course parade sq. and other buildings.Nassau also.Some ships inch aran 4 1.E mail me Cornwallis and i will send some to you.Ron

Date: 2/3/2010, 3:48 am, EDT

Name: Bill Featherstone



Number: 18

Hi Tom....when you get a chance, in your Links page, the link to my site is broken. It's an old link. Use the one listed above..



Date: 2/1/2010, 4:39 pm, EDT

Name: Bob Carswell


Number: 17

Terra Nova 2/65 has a Group Site on Facebook at:

Date: 1/31/2010, 4:04 pm, EDT

Name: Ed Krinsky


Number: 16

My granddaughter recently purchased a sailor's cap that had the name of Felix Pike, who was a member of the crew of the HMCS Shearwater. We would like to know more about him.

Date: 1/31/2010, 10:34 am, EDT

Name: Bill Rands


Number: 15

Joined 1956 Canada 9 in Cornwallis.Served on HMCS Fort Erie,Algonquin,Cap De La Madeliene and Gatineau .Was a Stoker but had many friends throughout my ships.

Date: 1/19/2010, 10:07 pm, EDT

Name: Chris Martin


Number: 14

I have spent 46 of my 56 years in uniform..joined Navy League Cadets at 10 and retired after 35 years in the mob. I'm still on the Suppl list and will be going to HMCS QUADRA Sea Cadet Training Establishment as the Standards Officer this coming summer. I regret every day the loss of what it means to be a true "hairy" and wish people would remember our heritage makes us what we are. In this the 100th anniversary year of the RCN it would be nice to see a collar and a port and stbd again. Something that really said I'm a sailor of the Queen.

All the best

Date: 1/17/2010, 9:55 am, EDT

Name: George Gaudet


Number: 13

RCN 1954 to 1959

Cornwallis basic, Cornwallis

Comm School Cornwallis

Algonquin, Albro lake,

Ottawa commissioned

Kootenay 58/59

Date: 1/15/2010, 4:05 pm, EDT

Name: Michael (van)Van Duzee


Number: 12

joined, algonquin division 1952

retired 1980,ships,sussexvale,ontario,skeena, st croix,atherbasken,recruiting st john,nb,venture

Date: 1/11/2010, 8:11 pm, EDT

Name: Raymond Smillie


Number: 11

Cornwallis Kootenay Division 1966.

Cape Scott

Date: 1/11/2010, 9:45 am, EDT

Name: Dave Brown


Number: 10

MacKenzie Division 1/1967

Naval Centennial Guard

HMCS Shearwater - joined with a Winger: Dave Bartlett. Left in 1969 and joined Toronto Police. Retired 2001. Great memories from my Navy days.

Date: 1/9/2010, 5:16 pm, EDT

Name: Sam Alexander


Number: 9

Sask, Provider. Hull Tech Terra Nova 3/65 till 1977

Date: 1/7/2010, 6:29 pm, EDT

Name: Gordon Moulton


Number: 8

served on HMCS Sioux and HMCS Cayuga from 1960 to 1962 retired in 1967 after serving 10 yrs love your site and would like to hear from old shipmates that remember me.

Date: 1/7/2010, 12:40 pm, EDT

Name: Carol Stephenson


Number: 7

My husband (Steve) Lionel George Stephenson,served in the canadian navy for 20 years,mostly on the west coast.Would really like to know if anyone remembers him

Date: 1/4/2010, 3:23 pm, EDT

Name: Cyril (Cy) Gosse


Number: 6

Served 60 to 91. Would love to hear from old shipmates

Date: 12/31/2009, 4:03 pm, EDT

Name: Ron Gonzalez


Number: 5

Excellent Site, served from 1955-1960, Stad,Nootka,New Liskeard, Ungava, Commissioning Crew Gatineau,

Now living in Penetanguishene

Date: 12/29/2009, 7:56 am, EDT

Name: Robert Berbeck


Number: 4

Spent 27 years in the Royal Canadian Navy/ Canadian Armed Forces. Met many people and enjoyed them all

Date: 12/27/2009, 8:03 pm, EDT

Name: John Newton


Number: 3

my father, John D. Newton joined and served in your navy of the early 50s and retired in the late 70s. He reminisces me with salty dits of life on the Quebec, Swansea, Bonny and others. I am currently a serving naval officer and am very interested also in collecting, telling and preserving this heritage of the post war years. I have started a group on FLICKR called "Canadian Navy - 100 Years" at

I would love to see some of your stories and photos start appearing there. It is the people stories that I am after.

Date: 12/18/2009, 10:18 am, EDT

Name: Ben Tarrant


Number: 2

Hi all.

I went throught Basic training in March 1973 and then I went back to help the closure in January 1994.

Anyone out there that went through in 7312

Date: 11/22/2009, 6:47 pm, EDT

Name: Art Moore


Number: 1

great site served from 1961-1971.

Athabee 219 Micmac

Kootenay Fraser Ottawa.Yukon.stad. looking for any or all shipmates of radar.