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Aug 20, 2002 to May 05, 2003

Name: Dave Thien

E-mail address:

Comments: Hi There My e-mail address has changed from at home to Looking for names of Assinaboine 2, April 17, 1961 Cornwallis.Served on Sagueny, Skeena, St.Laurent and Cape breton from 1961 - 1964.

Monday, May 5th 2003 - 04:50:43 PM

Name: barrie boes

E-mail address:

Comments: Cornwallis Apr.1961 to Aug.196l. First ship assinaboine 1962, Skeena 1962 - 1964. Ableseaman signals. Anybody out there?

Sunday, May 4th 2003 - 02:31:02 PM

Name: Terry Misner MSRM/MSEW

E-mail address:

Comments: Hi again Tom:

You've come a long way since my request so long ago for a way of getting in touch with "lost shipmates". Your efforts and dedication to the past and present are most welcome and I'm sure many of us would never had been able to find old friends if not for you. Well done Tom. Will check back again in the near future.

Saturday, May 3rd 2003 - 06:10:12 PM


Name: David Macmaster ABAA

E-mail address:

Comments: This is a great website, Ross. I was in Iroquois Division from April to September, 1953. I wish alcohol had not ruined my career in the Canadian navy, but am grateful for the adventures I had and the things I learned in my late adolescence. You are a terrific historian, my friend. May some salt water and sea breezes cross your bow before we hang it up for good.

Thursday, May 1st 2003 - 11:19:35 PM

Name: Dave Richards

E-mail address:

Comments: P2FC3 , RCN 57 to 68, Saguenay,Athabaskan,Algonquin,Chaudiere,Annapolis, Stad OHGR.

Wonderfull site,full marks for a job well done!

Thursday, May 1st 2003 - 05:39:55 PM

Name: Rose Chidwick (nee Bailey)

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Joined the Navy in Sept. 1958, trained in Key West Florida after Cornwallis. Ended up in Shelburne N.S. where I met my husband, Ron Chidwick, got out in 1960.

Friday, April 25th 2003 - 04:42:17 PM

Name: Ron Chidwick

E-mail address:

Comments: Joined the RCN in July 1955, sailed on the Ottawa and the Granby, then ended up in Shelburne N.S. where I met Wren Bailey and retired in 1960 to Toronto, Ont.

Friday, April 25th 2003 - 04:39:21 PM

Name: Henry Riesebosch

E-mail address:

Comments: Went through Cornwallis Skeena Div. 2/60. Served on the Restigouche in '61 as OSPW. Thoroughly enjoyed my time aboard ship. Passed out of Stadacona. I'd love to hear from anyone that might have served with me. This is a great web-site

Monday, April 21st 2003 - 08:50:03 PM

Name: Andy Barber

E-mail address:

Comments: Good Day Tom,I finally had a chance to look at your website and it is terrific. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you at the RCNA reunion in May. If not then perhaps aboard the Haida. As you know I served aboard the Haida on her 2nd Korea tour. I was also on the Quebec, and LaHulloise as well as Stadacona and Shearwater.Regards,Andy Barber

Wednesday, April 16th 2003 - 04:25:57 PM

Name: Jenny Berglund

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Greetings from sweden, i thought your site was great, jen

Monday, April 14th 2003 - 07:34:55 AM

Name: WT (Billy) Barlow

E-mail address:

Comments: Well done on the WEB site. Great to see all the old WUs.

Thursday, April 10th 2003 - 10:23:29 AM

Name: Dave Thien

E-mail address:

Comments: Please note my e-mail adddress change from

Thanks for the great site which I had lost. Thanks to Bill Featherstone.

Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 04:44:23 PM

Name: Ed Wakaryk

E-mail address:

Comments: Joined the navy in 56, HMCS Naden in 57, then to HMCS Ontario, HMCS Cayuga, took her to Halifax with HMCS Athabaska, and brough back HMCS St. Laurent and Saguenay. Then onto HMCS James Bay and honorably discharged in '61.

Monday, March 24th 2003 - 02:18:01 AM

Name: Tom Atkinson

E-mail address:

Comments: Congrats on a top-notch site.

Am wondering why so few messages from WW2 and earlier, getting too long in the tooth are we?

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 08:26:59 PM

Name: Hedley Murton [Kips]

E-mail address:

Comments: Back again just to mention for Andre Borri, I look forward to seeing Richard Fouquet again this year in May for the Algerine Association reunion in Blackpool, he was on the George Lecointe, and is a regular 'customer' at our reunions.

Touch of humour... During one reunion in Portsmouth someone complained about the Algerines blockin the parking lot at the hotel...when it got into the police computer it came out as Algerians, and a mini 'riot squad' hurtled down to sort out the trouble makers... almost ready for a 'race riot' We sent out one of our ex-wrens to sort them out and all ended amicably.

All the best.

The Kipper RN 43-54 RCN 54-63 HM Coastguard 64-78

Chief instructor nautical college 78-84

[Talk about "pusser faced"]

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 08:10:59 PM

Name: Hedley Murton [Kips]

E-mail address:

Comments: A great site that has obviously taken a lot of work.

Well done old son, and thanks for the names list, many memories conjured up. I see Scotty Morrison is still alive

the man who put the Thunder into North Bay and confused the geographers.

Congratulations again on the site.

Saturday, March 22nd 2003 - 07:41:18 PM

Name: Bob Norris

E-mail address:

Comments: Hello, Very interesting site. I was in the Navy from 1963 to 1966 and spent most of my time between HMCS Boaventure and HMCS Shearwater. I left the Navy as an AB/AM1 (Naval Airman).

Thursday, March 20th 2003 - 07:50:44 PM

Name: Bob Shanks

E-mail address:

Comments: Top marks on the page. Greatly enjoyed running thru the entries in the guest book. Unfortunately didn't see any names that I recognized. Did three years in RCAF as aero-engine fitter (1957-60), then three years in RCN as radioman supplementary (1961-64). At the time, most other turkeys did it the other way round (Navy first then the Air Force). Retain great memories of both periods. Left Canada in '65 on a run around the world and never got back home to live. Have called Perth, West Australia home for the last two decades. Did get back for an extended period , 4 months, in '96 on a cross country classic car tour from BC to PEI and was greatly disapointed to see that a number of the establishments that I served on during my 'time in' no longer existed. In fact, in some cases, I couldn't even find a plaque or obelisk that indicated they ever existed. Guess thats progress?? If anybody out there from Cornwallis, Gloucester, Coverdale, NRS Frobisher or perhaps even RCAF ST Johns, Clinton, Camp Borden, North Bay who served in the same era as myself reckons they might recognize this MT-headed larrikan, I'd be happy as a puppy dog with two tails if you gave me a hello on the internet. Again, was great to read the service details and memories entered by the many signatories. Good health to all.

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 - 09:52:12 AM

Name: Peter J. Wilkins

E-mail address:

Comments: 25 years RCN now VP Central Canadian Destroyer Association

Submariners Association of Canada Central Branch

Representitive HMS Ganges association(the largest Naval association in the world)

Looking for Nootka's first rip to Korea vets.

Yours Aye


Tuesday, March 18th 2003 - 09:51:23 AM

Name: Jack Schleihauf

E-mail address:

Comments: Hello Tom. I was also in St John PQ in the fall of 1958. Course 5832. Went in as an FCO because I was to small for AFP. In 1964 remustered to AFP but do not remember running into you. Retired in 1989 at NDHQ. Still at NDHQ as a Cmre. NO LIFE LIKE IT. Cheers to all.

Friday, March 7th 2003 - 11:18:06 AM

Name: Brad Miller

E-mail address:

Homepage URL: http://My Royal CanadianNavy

Comments: Great site and I commend you for the fine job.I continously follow everything.I served from 1965-1969. I was in Corwallis 3/65 for training.I was on the Yukon,Porte Quebec and Chaudiere. I sure would like to hear from someone in my era and hopefully a L/S stoker named Robert Blair whom I was in the centennial guard with in 1967.

Thank You

Brad Miller

Thursday, March 6th 2003 - 01:04:56 AM

Name: Norm Dix

E-mail address:

Homepage URL: http://

Comments: Visited your site last year and found it again in its new port and new quarters. Sailors did get around and so did Airmen. I joined the R.C.N. Jan 51 in Calgary, then to Cornwallis. Sailed via C.P.R to Naden and back to Stad. From Stad where I slipped onto the Magnifiecent and sailed to Mediterranean via Portsmouth and Plymouth (Could be other way around. After Med to Scotland and Ireland and back to Halifax.(A millionaires trip) Then to Radio Station Gander and back to sail on the Prestonion to Norway and ports there abouts. On return to Halifax I joined the R.C.A.F. and employed as AFP at 2 (F) Wing France and Station Centralia to Dec 1965. Good luck to all and trusting all find this site as interesting as I have.

Wednesday, March 5th 2003 - 10:55:05 AM

Name: John Anderson

E-mail address:

Comments: Bravo Zulo on your webpage brought back some memories as I joined at HMCS YORK in 1965 as an OS and became a CPO1 and the coxswain from 1980 to 1983. An now the Operations Officer and will be retiring next year after 39 years in the reserve and on active duty before I got married to a wren. Write me on some of your experiences at HMCS STAR.

Yours Aye

John Anderson

Sunday, March 2nd 2003 - 09:37:02 AM

Name: Rosalie Ann Bailey

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Ron Chidwick (my husband) and I Rose Chidwick (nee Bailey) were stationed in Shelburne Nova Scotia from 1958 to 1960.

We met and married there. Ron was in the Navy from 1955-60and sailed on the Haida. I was in the first class of WRENSthat the RCN enlisted after the war.I have been looking for some of the guys and gals that we were stationed with in Shelburne. To name a few:Donna Blackbeard Lois Biddle Chuck Barnes Joe BondyDonna Quinn Adelyne Hahn Rita JohnsonThis is a great site you have set up. I am also interested in any WREN reunions if you ever hear of any, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 19th 2003 - 11:31:42 PM

Name: Mike ST.Amand

E-mail address:

Comments: Just a OLD Navy type who was in for 3 fun filled years

1959 TO 1963---2 many Navy tots--had to get out===

Till later,


Sunday, February 16th 2003 - 02:09:52 PM

Name: John Emrick

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Hi Tom, the site just keeps getting better everytime I come back. Many interesting additions. Bravo Zulu...

Tuesday, February 4th 2003 - 05:19:18 AM

Name: dave campbell p2wu4a ret'd

E-mail address:

Comments: served from may 46 to dec 69 ,ontario,beaconhill crescent,jonquiere,mackenziesioux,naden,stlaurent,rockcliffe,stettler,might have missed a couple,can't find my docs.spent most of my time in victoria so decided to stay here.had a couple of restaurants here and sold a lot of beer and pizza..had a lot of good times in the navy mostly in sioux,have standeasy @ 10 am most days,i'm 75 most of my old pals have gone or in rest homes ,dva is now taking pretty good care of me god bless them ..all he best to everyone

Wednesday, January 29th 2003 - 11:24:45 PM

Name: R. Patrick Hope, Sr.

E-mail address:

Comments: Tom;

This is one of the finest web-sites I have viewed. I congratulate you. Tremendous memories for many to enjoy.

Tuesday, January 28th 2003 - 12:11:27 PM

Name: Bill (Barney) Featherstone

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Great site...brings back many memories... I served from 1961 -1970...can't remember what division in Cornwallis. was on Kootenay, Gatineau (LSSN)...transfered to Air Branch....(LSRA) Shearwater, VX10, HS50, Bonnie..

Did the Cuban Crisis thing on the Kootenay...made some subs around and made some noise..

Any shipmates out there?

Monday, January 27th 2003 - 06:40:41 PM

Name: Jim Norman

E-mail address:

Comments: Served in the RCN 1957 to 1962.

1957 to 1959 on the Bonaventure.

1959 - 1960 L School.

1960 - 1962 on the Fort Erie.

Looking for former mates

Sunday, January 26th 2003 - 04:18:11 PM

Name: W.R. Smillie (Raymond)

E-mail address:

Comments: R.C.N. Jan 1966 to Dec 1969. Stoker

Friday, January 17th 2003 - 08:07:37 PM

Name: Mal Callan

E-mail address:

Comments: Went to Cornwallis in Dec. /59, went back to go to com. school and came out OSRM1 (of course) Served on Victoriaville and St. Croix. Got out in Oct. of /62 Would love to hear from Joli, (Victoriaville, Harris from St. Croix, or any of the other great guys I served and caroused with.) I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Friday, January 17th 2003 - 12:32:30 PM

Name: Ray Burns

E-mail address:


Comments: I joined the RCN on 20 Jan 1963 and went of course to Cornwallis ,Terra Nova 1/63division and became a OSWU from there to stad and then to H M C S cap de la madeline 317 of the 9th sqn.from june 63 till june 64 then to HMCS St Laurent for a few months then finished my time in the navy at ville lasalle in montreal HMCS hochelaga, i then joined the RCAF and retired in 1996 in Greenwood ns. where i now drive school bus.i have met one of my pals at a reunion in Cornwallis when it closed in 1996 i believe. I have one wish to get in contact with a fellow mate who was on the Cap De La Madeline with me his name is Robert Pleshe a Bosn i believe he wasfrom Windsor Ont. if anyone knows of his whereabouts or if he is even still kicking, it would be much appreciated, or anyone else who remembers me from the cap get in touch. love to hear from you Able Seaman Weapons underwater Ray Burns (RET'D)

Monday, January 13th 2003 - 12:40:01 PM

Name: Wayne Godin

E-mail address:

Comments: I retired from the military (navy) in 1993 as a P1ERA after 27 years. I am currently enrolled in a three year program in Construction Engineering Technology as a full time student at Niagara College. I was doing an assignment on creating a web page for one of my classes,looking for pictures of ships and crests and just happen to stumble across your web site. What caught my attention was you resident address of WELLAND. You see I live in FONTHILL. Small world. I haven't had a chance to read much of the information you have posted, but I will bookmark this page for later. Hope to hear from you.

Have a great day


Saturday, January 11th 2003 - 04:42:56 PM

Name: Gerry Ouderkirk

E-mail address:

Comments: A friend from Wallaeburg alerted me to this page.A great idea.

Wednesday, January 8th 2003 - 06:21:59 AM

Name: Al Mann

E-mail address:

Comments: Was directed to your site by Jim McAlister who organized a 1993 reunion of former HMCS Wallaceburg crew here in Wallaceburg in Nov. of that year. I assisted the committee as town historian. As a 6 year old, I was aboard Wallaceburg when she was here for christening and tours. Do have an extensive file including photos. If you wish to contact I would be willing to respond. Enjoyed your site.

Al Mann Wallaceburg, Ont.

Tuesday, January 7th 2003 - 10:23:58 AM

Name: Chuck Hibbert

E-mail address:

Comments: Great site. Brings back a lot of good memories from 1961-64. I was in Gatineau 3/61. Picked up the Sioux in 61 after refit in Sorel Que. I was aboard the Sioux when she was decommissioned. Also served aboard the Thunder.

ABBN1. Up Spirits.

Sunday, January 5th 2003 - 11:04:09 PM

Name: R.J.(Bob)RAE

E-mail address:

Comments: hey Tom! have a new e-mail so thought i would try to locate some shipmates again..served 1958-1963 aboard saguanay,ottawa and sussexvale as a signalman. except for a short stint at the "tower" in esquimalt spent my entire time in "rum" fog at sea. hope to hear from shipmates...AGAIN BZ TOM Thanx Bob.

Saturday, January 4th 2003 - 03:19:48 AM

Name: Harvey Cheney

E-mail address:

Comments: Was in the RCN from nov23,1959 thrugh nov 23 1962.After basic training in hmcs cornwallis, I was sent to hmcs Terra Nova where I served out the rest of my term. Your site is very interesting and brings back many old memories especially the terms we used "pusser neats,winger etc.dont forget the old term "shit nicks"which I have not heard since leaving the Navy. Keep up the good work. Harvey.

Wednesday, January 1st 2003 - 12:27:43 PM

Name: Don R. Curry

E-mail address:

Comments: Joined about the same time as you Nov. 1952 left the navy oct 1957 as LSRP2 served on the Portage Toronto( the ship] Fort erie and the Algonquian, we must have crossed each others wake some time or other.Noticed you were on the West coast some of the time, all my time was on the east.


Sunday, December 29th 2002 - 03:55:46 PM

Name: Colin Moore

E-mail address: m.moore@ns.sympatico/ca

Comments: I served 1954 till 1959 Ships-Shearwater(when it was still Navy)Stadacona-Haida -New Liskeard-Lanark-Albro Lake-back to Lanark.Best time of my life.To all the cooks that served at that time -you were the best.I wish that I had told you all when I served

Thursday, December 26th 2002 - 09:10:11 PM


E-mail address:

Comments: Congratulations on an excellent website, Tom! Very well put-together.

I've contacted Bill Batchelor re: H.M.C.S. York, as my late father, John Andrew Murza, R.C.N.V.R., W.W.II served in the 'A' Class Instructor's Course in H.M.C.S. York, in June, 1944. My father served as a Submarine Detector-Asdic Operator, in H.M.C.SHIPS CARLPLACE K664, BORDER CITIES J344 and Vison Z30.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

'Calm Seas and Smooth Sailing'!

Brian 'Canuck' Murza,

W.W.II Naval Researcher/Author,


Wednesday, December 4th 2002 - 10:04:41 AM

Name: Master Seaman Ron Schinners retired

E-mail address:

Comments: Very well done sure brings back a lot good memmories thanks for being here

Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 04:47:47 PM

Name: paul livingstone

E-mail address:

Comments: great page thank you

iam trying to find terry fingleman or kieth tool from 1957 tera nova division cornwallis

i live in maple ridge bc

x sparker

Tuesday, November 19th 2002 - 09:15:29 AM

Name: Heather McKinley

E-mail address:

Comments: Could please tell me if there was a ship named Cornwallis?

I am trying to trace my grandfather's war records. Was HMCS Cornwallis a boot camp only or where a ship & a base with the same names?

Thank you,


Saturday, November 9th 2002 - 08:55:23 PM

Name: Ken Wheat

E-mail address:

Comments: Hi GREAT SITE. I collect pictures of RCN ships and memorabilia. Iam also a member of the Canadian Tribal Destroyer Assoc. (Associate) I was never lucky enough to serve but do a lot for our naval history thru the Museums at Naden and Calgary. I am also looking for a model of a Tribal destroyer and haven,t had much luck. Do you know where I could get one. Do you send out pictures on request and what do you charge? Thanks Ken

Wednesday, November 6th 2002 - 06:37:15 PM

Name: Jim Phelps

E-mail address:

Comments: A bravo Zulu to you for produceing this great site. Thanks so much. I Joined the RCN in 1961. My first ship was HMCS Inch Arran (not a lot of comforts on her) but I will never forget the (old salts) of Inch Arran who introduced me to life at sea. The XO on Inch Arran was a real salt Lt.Cmdr.

Ben Webber and of all the ships I sailed on he was in my humble opinion what the R.C.N. was all about.

We spent the summer of 1962 in re-fit in of all places Sidney Nova Scotia. This was at the conclusion of the "Cuban Missle crisis" and we had been at sea for longer than 30 days. We were eating spagetti for breakfast, which was not a great problem. But when we ran out of beer we left that Russian Trawler with the high tec radar masts and no fishing gear and headed for Sidney. I think we were short on rum as well but I was UA for rum so didn't worry.

That was a great summer in Sidney as the ship was being refitted most of the crew had leave, us OD's and some of the more senior members of the crew who were not married spent the refit period at Georges River, not far from North Sidney. We lived in tents, swam in the lake (Brador Lake)

Consumed our share of beer, The oysters in Brador Lake were the first I'd ever tasted and I've been addicted eversince.

I could go on for ever about the great times and the people I met in the ships of the R.C.N. I'd love to hear from anyone who was on the "Inch" in 1962"

I also sailed on HMCS Gatineau HMCS Skeena HMCS Saskatchewan (on the west coast) HMCA Ojibwa and HMCS Yukon

I would realy like to hear from a winger named Bobby Booth

who with his wife Barb treated my wife and I so kindly in Halifax in 1967 when we were married, moved to Halifax for one week and got drafted to the Saskatchewan on the west coast befor our furniture was unpacked. We never forgot your kindness. If you're out there in syber space Bob or Barb drop me a line. of course I'd love to hear from anyone who I sailed with. I live in Calgary and I know the best sailors come frome the prairies "a G.I. told me that the first day on the parade square in Cornwallis" I know there are a lot of ex-Matelots in Calgary, it would be great to go on a "run" again, or at least remember the runs we had all those years ago.

Thanks again:

Jim Phelps

Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 01:58:01 AM


E-mail address:

Comments: Hello Tom. I have finally copied my home movies taken onboard HMCS Sioux. I have misplaced your mailing address. Please forward it by e-mail. Thank you. Watching the film while copying sure brought back many memories.

Friday, October 11th 2002 - 08:00:33 PM

Name: Bill Adams

E-mail address:

Comments: My father is Lloyd Adams. It is great to see informal pictures and information of his Navy days. My son is similarily impressed.Thanks for your work in putting this site together.

It looks to me like Canada had a real Navy that all Canadians could be proud of.

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 03:16:28 PM

Name: Robert Taylor

E-mail address:

Comments: wonderful site.. went through cornwallis in 56 ..fraser divison.. served on the portage..saguenay..athabaskan ..jack siple.sonny macdonald....bob allpress...are a few name`s i recall..hazen koopman.. claude delorme.. brian purdom were a few i remember from fraser divison..weat coast type`s....robert taylor st catharines ontario

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 01:39:35 PM

Name: Tom Young

E-mail address:

Comments: Fantastic Website.Served Army 1943-45,RCN 1946-63.Rtd.C2ER4

Ships: New Liskeard,Warrior,Iroquois,Swansea,Magnificent,Nootka, Prestonian,Crusader,Restigouche,Algonquin.

I see some names in the archives that are familiar,if anyone recognizes me,drop me a note.I'm sure this web site won't take long catching on down here on the East coast.

Congratulations again on a great site.

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 02:10:04 PM

Name: Joshua Bris

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Thank you for the resources.

Keep up the good work!

Best website templates online -

Saturday, September 28th 2002 - 08:24:40 AM

Name: Bob Willson

E-mail address:

Comments: Hi,

Enjoy your site.

As you know HAIDA will be coming closer to you in 2003.

Please consider joining the Friends of HMCS HAIDA through our site at

and also think about how you might be able to help us as a volunteer when we get to Hamilton

Yours aye,

Bob Willson

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 03:45:00 PM

Name: Jack Caie

E-mail address:

Comments: Wonderful website! Wonderful memories! Just spent an hour remembering , as you state, the "best years of my life"

Never a day goes by without an incident, or a comment that takes me back to:

H.M.C.S. Star 1952




H.M.S. Dolphin

H.M. Submarines- Ambush


Kepp up the good work!

Jack Caie

Tuesday, September 24th 2002 - 11:30:36 AM

Name: David J Freeman

E-mail address:

Comments: Loved your site. Really loved the photo of your band.
May I make one minor suggestion? You refer to ATHABASKAN II. I think you mean the "second" ATHABASKAN. There were never two ATHABASKANS at the same time. In Commonwealth navies,the use of Roman numerals indicates that there are two ships of the same name in commission at the saame time, e.g. NADEN, NADEN II and NADEN III.

Great site.

Monday, September 2nd 2002 - 07:20:52 PM

Name: Jim Ennis

E-mail address:

Comments: I have spent the last hour or so going through your web site and found it to be simply great. I too served in the RCN (65 to 83) onboard Bonnaventure Saguenay and several others. Going through your site brought back many plesant memories for me and the wonderful times we had back then.

Keep up the good work and if your ever out in Saskatchewan drop by the fire hall for a visit. Second career stuff you know.

Jim Ennis


Thursday, August 29th 2002 - 03:08:25 PM

Name: Stephen N Sullivan

E-mail address:

Comments: Thanks Tom,

You've a great site which provokes many pleasant memories for me. Little did I know when I arrived at Cornwallis in Oct.57 (Assiniboine Division),that it would be the start of a life at sea which would continue until February 2001. There's been a lot of stacks and stories since then but some of the fondest memories come from the RCN and the mates I sailed and ran ashore with.(Sioux produced some of the best.)I found your site while surfing Jerry Proc's "Huron" site hoping to see a photo of the ships crew (circa 44-45)which included my father Maurice "Pat" Sullivan. I lost it years ago. If anyone has one I'd like a copy. For now, thanks again for the memories.

Steve Sullivan

Sunday, August 18th 2002 - 02:17:35 AM

Name: Bob Willson

E-mail address:

Tuesday, August 6th 2002 - 10:12:32 AM

Name: Roy Stoner

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: Great site!!! one of the best. Served on the west coast form 58 to 68 as a cook. I am looking for the best man at my wedding. Wayne Dunbar served in HMCS Aldergrove. All the best to all you fuzzy bums out there.

Sunday, August 4th 2002 - 12:11:20 AM

Name: George Webster

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: A great site! I served in Athabaskan II in '62-'63.

Saturday, August 3rd 2002 - 02:45:57 PM

Name: Bruce Stauffer

E-mail address:

Comments: Awesome site. Looks like you really enjoyed your NAVY life. You are correct in saying that they are the best memories. I now have 15+ years. I am also a "Radar Plot". These days we are called NCIOPs (Naval Combat Information PLotters). A tad different as far as what we have to work with though. No more plot tables and old SPAs. If you are ever in Victoria give me a heads up. I will gladly take you down to one of the ships for a tour.


Bruce Stauffer PO1

Sea Training Pacific SAAC

Saturday, August 3rd 2002 - 01:01:24 PM

Name: Tom Spowart

E-mail address:

Homepage URL:

Comments: It's been rough sailing but I think I've finally found a port with calm waters. Now I can get back to the business of expanding "My Royal Canadian Navy".. but first a little shore leave... ;-) Tom

Friday, August 2nd 2002 - 11:03:33 PM

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