J. Roland Leduc (Lcdr RCN ret'd) has submitted photos of various Ceremonial Guards and Gun Crew of HMCS D'Iberville


Roland is seeking members of the Gun Crew And Guard. Copy of his log entry is below.

Name: J. Roland Leduc

E-mail address: flyinggi@cfl.rr.com

Homepage URL: http://www.narrowsofnevis.com

Comments: Old Stadacona 1940, HMS Rampura 1941, Sherbrooke 1941-43, Cornwallis 1943, Outremont 1943, Poundmaker 45, Scotian 46, Iroquois 47, Nootka 48, Excellent 48, D'Iberville 51, Quebec 53, Naden 56, Ecellent 56, Buckingham 58, Fort Erie 58, Inch Arran, Lanark, Victoriaville, Outremeont 60, Hochelaga 63, St. Jean 67 as Military Training Commander Tri-Service Training Center. Never changed uniform and left the service 1968. Discharded as Lcdr.

Joined the United States Aux. Air Force as Major and received my wings and Commanded the West Orange Air Search & Rescue Squadron for 8 years. Was grounded 8 years ago by my Chief of Staff at home.

Very much interested in getting information on anyone who served on the Sherbrooke and the Quebec.

As I was the Chief GI at D'Iberville in Quebec, I would really like to hear from them and all those who trained in the Sunset Ceremony. I have a multitude of pictures from our trip around Africa and the cruise to Brazil. I'm also looking for Lcdr. Peter Gardner or his son.

The web site might interest those wishing to win a free vacation. Bravo Zulu for the web site.

Friday, January 28th 2005 - 03:54:58 PM

51-52 54

1951 - D'Iberville Guncrew

Guncrew Members

Raymond Dodier, Julien Dion, Jacques Savoie, Armand Moreau, Paul Dolan, A. Faucher, Francois ?, Ulric Berube, Benoit Poulin, Real Jobin, Andre Morel, Gaetin Baubien, Real Dulac, Piche, Rual, Robichaud, Bourchard, Bergeron, Blais

Quebec Ex PQex

Ceremonial Guard for the Province of Quebec Exhibition in the city of Quebec in the 1960's


Photo 1. Actual Gun Crew picture with the 1st Lt. and Rollie Leduc.
Photo 2. Was the first time the Navy took over as senior service from the army to fire the 21 gun salute
on the Prince of Wales birthday. From "Les Plaines D'Abraham".

fgis rehears ny

Photo1. Five GI's at a reunion in Cornwallis 1974
L-R.. CIG4 R. Lecuc; T. Starkley; G. Lavery: G. Coles; E. Brimble.
Photo 2. HMCS Quebec Guard and Band rehearsal Anse aux Foulon, Quebec City 1954(?).
Photo 3. HMCS Quebec Guard on visit to New York City

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