At the present time I am able to trace my roots back to the beginning of the 1800's to my great great grandfather.  Although I have not entered all the info I have received, the "tree" shown below is what I have been able to discover about my roots. Not too bad I would think, considering that just a short time ago the only Spowarts I knew were my father, his two brothers, his sister and  immediate families.  In addition to finding my roots I have "met" many Spowarts from around the world and would like to find out how this name became quite popular in the "Auld Kingdom of Fife" and surrounding area.

I am presently working on a table (bottom of page) that will provide more information on my ancestors but will respect the privacy of those still living.

The name SPOWART has no affiliation with a Clan or Tartan but I can claim a close association the the ROSS clan.

In the chart I am the guy in the blue frame.

Regarding the entries in the pink shaded area, I am trying to determine if there is a link here because of the use of the same names.. John, Thomas, James, Ross and Aggie (Agnes ?)


A... After a number indicates a Spowart's spouse with progressive letters for the spouse's family. .

M... Date of Marriage.

c... Before the year, Date of Christening

c... After a date is the year of birth based on the census.  The age could be out a year depending on the individuals month of birth and the date the census was taken.

a... After a date of birth indicates "about".

Yellow lines.. Spowart family

Green lines... Spouses family

Light green shades boxes... The extent of my Spowart knowledge when starting this search... "The Canadian Connection".

Note:...A number of entries have been "Masked' or marked "Private" for privacy reasons

No.# Surname Given Name Birth Place Died Married Place Spouse Parents
1 SPOWART Samuel 1804a Beath (Stirling?)   27 Mar 1830 Torryburn 1A ??
1A MITCHELL Janet 1808a Stirling?       1 ??
2 SPOWART John 1836 Scotland   21 Sep 1857 Torryburn 2A A1, 1A
2A ROSS Agnes Aitken 1834-7 Scotland       2A 2B,2C
2B ROSS Thomas     30 Mar 1817 Newton, Midlothian 2C ??
2C BROWN Reid           2B ??
2D ROSS Thomas c19 Sep 1818           2B, 2C
2E ROSS James c14 Mar 1821           2B, 2C
2F ROSS Mary c25 Jun 1823           2B, 2C
2G ROSS John c9 Apr 1826           2B, 2C
2H ROSS Robert 25 Jun 1829           2B, 2C
3 SPOWART William c1834 Stirling 1 Mar 1920 20 Oct 1856-3A1
4 Jul 1873-3A2
  3A1, 3A2 1, 1A
3A1 RICHIE Jane 1836a         3  
3A2 BLACK Julia       4 Jul 1873   3  
4 SPOWART Samuel 2 Jun 1857 Torryburn 27 Jun 1859       3, 3A
5 SPOWART William 20 Oct 1859 Torryburn 5 Jun 1931       3, 3A
6 BEVERRIDGE David 18 Dec 1862 Torryburn 5 Aug 1935       3, ?
7 SPOWART Thomas Ross 1863c Denny, Stirling    10 Mar 1883   7A 2, 2A
7A KING Agnes Mason
1 Oct 1865 Bo'ness, West Lothian       7 7B,7C
7B KING Francis              
7C McLAY Isabella              
8 SPOWART Agnes 1881c  Culross, Perth       2, 2A
9 SPOWART William 1877c Alloa, Clackmannan          2, 2A
10 SPOWART David 1873c  Culross, Perth         2, 2A
11 SPOWART James 1870c  Culross, Perth         2, 2A
12 SPOWART John 1865c  Denny, Stirling         2, 2A
13 SPOWART Samuel 1860c  Saline         2, 2A
14 SPOWART Janet Mitchell 11 May 1867 Comrie Village
7 Nov 1942 29 Jun 1886 Church of Scotland
Bo'ness, West Lothian
14A 2, 2A
14A MURPHY Thomas Crawford 1862a   12 Dec 1925     14 14B, 14C
14B MURPHY William Kennedy
1836         14C ??
14C BURNS Matilda Black 1840         14B ??
15 SPOWART Robert Ross 1875c Alloa, Clackmannan       15A 2, 2A
15A SORLEY Mary           15 ??
16 SPOWART James Ross 22 Feb 1905 Bo'ness 1963 Feb 1934 Welland, ON 16A 7, 7A
16A CLUNIE Robertina Nelson 27 Feb 1909 Paisley       16 16B, 16C
16B CLUNIE Edward Morgan 1889   3 Oct 1949       16C
16C HOW Margaret (Maggie) 5 Apr 1888 Scotland 25 Jul 1979       16B
17 SPOWART Thomas Ross 21 Aug 1935 Welland, ON   22 Oct 1955div Fort Erie, ON 17A 16,16A
17A MACDONALD Marjorie private         17  
18 SPOWART James Ross private           17, 17A
19 SPOWART Thomas Gordon private           17, 17A
20 SPOWART Edward M. private           17, 17A
21 SPOWART Alexander   Scotland deceased     21A 7, 7A
21A DONALDSON Mary   Scotland       21  
22 SPOWART Agnes   Scotland deceased     22A 7, 7A
22A HERMAN Harry     deceased     22  
23 SPOWART George   Scotland deceased       7, 7A
23A WATT Hilda              
24 SPOWART Francis King     1949     24A 7, 7A
24A DIXON Elizabeth           24 ??
25 SPOWART John           25A 15, 15A
25A PATTERSON Marion           25 ??
26 SPOWART Private              
26A ROBB Private              
27 ROBB Private              
28 SPOWART Private              
28A HUNTER Private              
29 SPOWART Private              
30 SPOWART Private              
31 SPOWART Thomas Ross           31A1,2,3 24, 24A
31A1 ADDISON Bunty           31  
31A2 GREENHORN Janette           31  
31A3 REVEL? Revel?           31  
32 SPOWART John Sheenan 31 Aug 1913   6 Jun 1974     32A 24, 24A
32A MAIR Charlotte 25 Aug 1917   2 Nov 1987     32  
33 SPOWART   Private            
32A WARD   Private            
34 SPOWART   Private            
34A SNEDDON   Private            
35 SPOWART   Private            
35A COLEBURN   Private            
36 SPOWART Marion Private            
37 WARD   Private            
38 SPOWART Frank Private            
38A ******* Nancy Private            
39 SPOWART June Private            
39A BROWN   Private            
40 SPOWART   Private            
41 SPOWART   Private            
42 SPOWART   Private            
43 SPOWART Elaine Private            
43A HOLT   Private            

My thanks go out to my new found kin, Gregor, Elaine, June, Marion and Bill (who sent the photos of the satined glass window) and to Neil whose family tree has so much in common with mine

And a special "thank-you" to ..

Don Manson   who on his own, took the time to search the census records and forward me the information on my great grandfather John Spowart and great great grandfathers, Samuel Spowart and Thomas Ross..

And to Ken Wright, for a snail mail package with correspondence from a relative, along with a several articles about the Spowarts in Bo'ness.


"Maggie" midi file, was sequenced by Barry Taylor and used with his kind permission.