Dunfermline Abbey Stained Glass Window

I have received two photos of a beautiful stained glass window in the Dunfermline Abbey that was donated by a Thomas Spowart, along with a photo of his gravesite in the Abbey cemetery. The first photo is the inscription at the bottom of the window panels, the second is the full window and the third is an interior view of the Abbey showing the window on the left. The fourth photo is the grave surrounded by a wrought iron fence.   

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The inscription at the bottom of the window reads



THE FIFE POST   In case you missed this link, here is another chance. You will be able to access photos of Dunfermline Abbey. (on main page click "Fife in Pictures and Posrcards, then click Dunfermline).  When I first heard of Dunfermline Abbey, I thought of a wee kirk in a  cosy glen.  Big mistake  ;-)
I was truly amazed at it's size and history.  The resting place of Robert the Bruce. 

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